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Kevin Pringle Public SpeakerRev. Kevin Pringle is a national speaker, author and evangelist. He and his wife Beth are the co-founders of a new ministry launch called A Chosen Generation Ministries, an evangelistic movement to youth! In 2016, he and wife Beth resigned as lead pastors of ONE80 Church and stepped into what they believe is their true life’s calling. Which is to see young people come to know Jesus and to help individuals discover that they have a unique purpose! Along with interns Zach and Emily McClintock they have been traveling the country inspiring young people & helping them to uncover the dream inside!

He asserts that every individual has a divine reason for existing and that this Generation of youth has been Chosen and set apart as a Kingdom of Priest and have a Royal destiny (Exodus 19:6) (1Peter 2:9). Kevin believes it is imperative that this generation be equipped and empowered to unleash their passion and gifting to change the world!

He has spoken all over the country to youth and adults in various sectors: Schools, College Campuses, Youth Groups, Camps and Churches to name of few! Kevin has a unique gift that enables him to connect with every audience. His passion, enthusiasm and humor makes him extremely relatable!

In 1997, Kevin and his family felt led from Michigan and rooted themselves in Lincoln, NE. Since then he has initiated 3 church plants and in 2004 he realized a life-long dream of writing his first book, Radical Obedience.

Beth and Kevin have boldly stepped into what they believe is what they were created for. Kevin is a licensed itinerant evangelist through the Christian and Missionary Alliance. He has also served as a member of the District Executive Committee of the Mid-America District of the C&MA. He is the first African American to serve in that capacity. Over the years Kevin has received countless certifications, awards and accolades. Passion, excitement and inspiration are close companions and accompany him through his ministry journey. He has an incredible story to share that is both heartbreaking and life-changing. You will be inspired!

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Activation events are seminars for youth and youth workers to teach, equip and empower individuals to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit! This 2-3 day event will provide instruction to youth/workers for understanding what they were truly created for. Youth will be encouraged & empowered to step out and take risks to advance the Kingdom of God in organic and authentic ways. The event creates an atmosphere that allows for individuals to engage in a deeper life and intimacy with God.


Kevin and his team are available for keynote addresses. Kevin is an incredible story teller and has a unique ability to captivate an audience of any age or genre. His humor, passion and laughter are contagious. He has spoken to thousands of youth and adults across the country in various venues such as: Schools, colleges, youth events & camps and churches. Your group will be incredibly impacted by what Kevin has to offer!



We each have a God-given dream that few us understand or pursue. Our Core Dream is God’s invitation to see the world through His eyes! Once we understand we have the gift of a dream we can be unleashed to passionately pursue what we were created for!


Most of us struggle with recognizing our true nature and call. We each have a divine nature and thus, have a “divine reason” for existing. It is time to discover who you truly are and what you were created for!


Since we can remember we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up… However, who we are is far more relevant than what we do. Instead of asking what we want to be it is imperative to ask “who” we want to be!


Being that our existence is divine it places value upon the legacy we will leave behind. No two humans have the same fingerprints. This infers that each of us has been destined to leave a unique imprint on the world in which we live!